Meet Kim

Owner, Pilates by Kim

Certified Pilates Teacher

Kim began teaching Pilates years after first discovering it in her own body. While living and working in Nashville, she took a mat class at a local YMCA, and it was love at first Single-Leg Circle.

Well, not really.

The class was one of the most challenging she'd ever taken, but also the most rewarding. She felt different in her body the very next day, and was hooked from then on. Working an office job at a Nashville publishing house, Kim would often dream about how wonderful it would be to teach this work as her full-time profession. A move back to her hometown of Tuscaloosa, a new job for her husband, and a new baby four months later put all those dreams on hold for several years. Then she heard about a Pilates class at a local fitness center, and eager to do something good for herself, she began taking classes twice a week.

A year and a half later, she was subbing for her teacher and eventually formed her own Morning Mat class through the local Parks and Recreation department.

As her experience and interest grew, Kim pursued her comprehensive Pilates training through Balanced Body, teaching Mat and Equipment classes at UA's Student Recreation Center. During that time, she began accumulating pieces of equipment to use with private clients, and eventually created Pilates by Kim, LLC.

Today, Kim teaches intimate group equipment classes and private sessions out of a warm, welcoming, and fully-equipped home-based studio. 

"I often take a moment to remember how I felt back in the Nashville Office, sitting at a desk all day, dreaming of what it would be like to do this as my job.," says Kim. "It's the quickest cure for a bad day!"

Kim has been teaching since 2008. She is a 2017 Heritage Training graduate and has studied with Pilates notables Cara Reeser, Jenna Zaffino, and Carrie Pages. She lives in the country with her husband Jeff, their son Joshua, and their dog Lucy and two cats, Tigger and Lucky.

Professional Affiliations

Kathy Grant Heritage Training, a post-graduate Pilates teacher training.
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Member of the Pilates Method Alliance