Join Kim and guest teachers Silke Steg and Michela Snell for this special series of classes focused on self-care during the busiest of seasons. This series blends Pilates, yoga, mediation, stretching, and gentle, nourishing movement to provide a safe haven for your mind, body, and soul during a time when we all get spread a little thin serving others and often forget to serve ourselves. We invite you to join us and hold this space for your well-being, because in order to support others you must first support yourself.

Pre-Pilates Mat Class w/Kim

Saturday, Dec. 7 @ 10 am

First-timers will discover more options for success and experienced practitioners will deepen their experience in this class that covers preparatory exercises and movement principles that are all necessary before ever doing The Hundred. All Levels

Open Heart Flow w/ Michela

Sunday, Dec. 8 @ 3 pm

Connect and open your Heart with this expansive vinyasa sequence. This class will help prepare you for a safe and sustainable backbend practice. You’ll work into your hips, shoulders, and spine to help open up your front body and bring new awareness into each space. All levels.

Rock, Roll & Release w/ Kim

Saturday, Dec. 14 @ 10 am

Enjoy the internal massage of Pilates-inspired rolling exercises coupled with myofascial release using small balls and gentle, supported twists. All levels.

Twilight Yoga w/ Silke

Sunday, Dec. 15 @ 4 pm 

Hit “pause” on your busy like with this yoga-for-self-care practice. Find permission to put yourself first and increase your positive energy at a special time of the day between daylight and darkness, when the soft glowing light from the sky appears diffused and often pinkish.
 Essential oils will soothe the mind and spirit as the class ends with a guided meditation to promote restorative sleep. All levels.

Stretch & Flow w/Kim

Friday, Dec. 20 @ 6 pm

A nourishing movement practice on this Solstice Eve that will leave you feeling energized yet relaxed. All levels.

Solstice Celebration w/ Silke

Saturday, Dec. 21 @ 5 pm 

Less is more in this restorative practice where stillness is the activity and attention to breath provides the meditation. Restorative yoga is all about returning to optimal health and soothing the nervous system. By practicing stillness, you can recharge mentally & physically. All levels.

Meet The Teachers

Silke Steg

Silke was finishing her thesis in marketing when she had her third child. She quickly discovered that being a mom during the day and a student by night was just too much for her body. That was when yoga came into her life. She finished her first teacher training in 2012 and began teaching to her friends. Her family moved to Tuscaloosa in 2015, where she continued to teach yoga in her native language to the ever-growing German population in town. She enjoys deepening her knowledge and has gone on to study Myofascial Release yoga, Restorative yoga, Yin yoga, and yoga anatomy. In her classes, Silke loves to use props to make the poses accessible for every student. Body awareness, alignment, and self-acceptance is more important to her than coaching students to get their legs behind their heads. Silke believes nothing is better than a wonderful Restorative yoga class to rest and renew your body and mind. You can take classes from Silke at The Yoga Center, Phelps Activity Center, and Yoga Bliss. She also volunteers once a week at a senior home where she teaches Chair Yoga, and once a week she teaches Yoga for Kids (age 3-5) at a school. Her life’s affirmation is “A smile can change the world!”

Michela Snell

Michela is a yoga, Pilates, and Barre instructor from Gaeta, Italy, where she began her career as a dancer and taught a variety of fitness and aerobic classes. At 19, she left Italy and moved to Tuscaloosa to attend UA’s dance program, where she studied ballet, modern dance, and flexibility. Her life was transformed from the moment she entered her first yoga class, which introduced he to the cathartic power of linking breath, movement, and music. After years of taking an obsessive and aggressive approach to fitness, she suddenly let go of that effort and found beauty in her strength and imperfections. Since she began teaching yoga, Michela has helped countless students find acceptance on the mat with flows that inspire self-love. Her inspiring classes provide students with the knowledge and courage to carry their practice out of the studio and into their daily lives. You can find her most days at the UA Student Rec Center teaching yoga and Pilates Reformer.