About Kim

Kim Wyatt is a Tuscaloosa native who fell in love with Pilates as an adult after years of dance, theater and gymnastics, including time in the Bama Bounders. Her background proved valuable because Pilates itself was created as a way to rehabilitate people in hospitals during World War I and first became popular with famous dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine in New York in the 1920s.

Kim remembers that she took her first class in Nashville and immediately felt different: “It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I wanted to feel that connection in my body. It was an internal rewiring of my muscles and nervous system, and I had to get more of that.”

PMA Certified Teacher

She progressed quickly through learning from DVDs to teaching a small group she called Core Stretch and Strengthen at the publishing house where she worked at the time. After she moved back to Tuscaloosa, she joined a class through PARA, the local parks and recreation department. After a year or so, her mentor Linda Dunn asked her to substitute and then encouraged her to get her own group exercise certification.

Heritage Training

Soon she was teaching all over town, including Pilates and More, and she began at the University Recreation Center in 2010. “One thing led to another,” she says. “I like working with different equipment within one session and being able to bring a client to what would suit them the best.”

Although she still enjoys teaching at the Rec and also is an instructor for kinesiology for Pilates there, she has found she prefers her private studio, which she opened in 2014. “The energy of a group class is great, but I feel like I can do that most for somebody in a one-on-one session.”

She is now certified in working on the Balanced Body reformer, has two modules for mat Pilates, one each for using the chair, barrels and arcs, and trapeze table. In all, she has had more than 450 hours of instructor training. “As I continued my classwork, I acquired more equipment so I could learn on it.”

In 2017, she also completed the Heritage Training with a protege of Cathy Grant. “I now have a link to the history and to the past because I learned from someone who learned from someone who learned from Joseph Pilates.”

With all of this knowledge, more than 15 years of experience and an ever-expanding collection of the latest equipment, Kim is now expanding her boutique studio in order to provide more varied classes for groups and individuals.

Kim, who lives in Northport with her husband and son, is excited about the opportunity to bring her love of Pilates to more people. “My passion is using my knowledge to show others how to connect with their bodies, avoid aches and pains, and achieve more youthful strength and flexibility than they ever dreamed—all while having fun.”